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The Accidental Duchess book by Emma Manners

The Duchess of Rutland

In conversation with Deborah Joseph

Kent House Knightsbridge, Rutland Gardens, London SW7 1BX

Date: Wednesday 12 June

7.00pm Doors open & complimentary drink

7.30pm Event starts followed by Q & A

8.30pm Book signing 

Ticket Price £25

 includes talk & complimentary drink

Please note: seating is unreserved except for Sponsors and parties of 10 or more.

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About The Duchess of Rutland

The first Kent House Series - housed as it is in Rutland Gardens - closes in the company of Emma Manners,  Duchess of Rutland, the British noblewoman and podcaster. The Accidental Duchess is the daughter of a farmer from Wales who married David Manners, the 11th Duke of Rutland in 1992. 

Interviewer:  Deborah Joseph

Deborah Joseph is an award-winning editor who was appointed Editor-in-Chief of Glamour UK in November 2017. Prior to that she spent six years working for a fashion and celebrity start-up, was a social media consultant for Jenny Packham and Edited The Daily Mail’s life and style section.

The Accidental Duchess

'The Duchess does indeed seem a remarkable woman . . . this is an engaging book' 


When Emma Watkins, the pony-mad daughter of a Welsh farmer, imagined her future, she thought she would follow in her mother's footsteps and marry a farmer of her own. But then she fell in love with David Manners, having no idea that he was heir to one of the most senior hereditary titles in the land. When David succeeded his father, Emma found herself the chatelaine of Belvoir Castle, ancestral home of the Dukes of Rutland.

She had to cope with five boisterous children while faced with a vast estate in desperate need of modernisation and staff who wanted nothing to change – it was a daunting responsibility.

Yet with sound advice from the doyenne of duchesses, Duchess ‘Debo’ of Devonshire, she met each challenge with optimism and gusto, including scaling the castle roof in a storm to unclog a flooding gutter, being caught in her nightdress by mesmerised Texan tourists and disguising herself as a cleaner to watch filming of The Crown. She even took on the castle ghosts.

At times the problems she faced seemed insoluble yet, with her unstoppable energy and talent for thinking on the hoof, she won through, inspired by the vision and passion of those Rutland duchesses in whose footsteps she trod, and indeed the redoubtable and resourceful women who forged her, whose homes were not castles but remote farmhouses in the Radnorshire Hills.

The Accidental Duchess will appeal to everyone who has visited a stately home and wondered what it would be like to one day find yourself not only living there, but in charge of its future.

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