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Anthony Horowitz

Held on Wednesday 13th March 2024

"The boys thoroughly enjoyed the talk and were very animated today. The whole thing was really well organised and we all had a great time. We look forward to the next one!" DENA DEEDAT, Maida Vale School


About Anthony Horowitz 

The prolific and versatile Anthony Horowitz CBE is a novelist and screenwriter specialising in mystery and suspense. He is the author of the Alex Rider series, Foyle's War, new Sherlock Holmes and James Bond stories as well as a writer for TV and film. 

Interviewer:  Sophia Money-Coutts

A journalist and author, Sophia spent five years studying the British aristocracy while working as Features Director at Tatler. Prior to that she worked as a writer and an editor for the Evening Standard and the Daily Mail in London, and The National in Abu Dhabi. She writes a column for The Sunday Telegraph called Modern Manners and often appears on radio and television channels talking about important topics.

The Twist of a Knife

'Our deal is over.' That's what semi-fictional author Anthony Horowitz tells ex-detective Daniel Hawthorne in an awkward meeting. The truth is that Anthony has other things on his mind: his new play, Mindgame, is about to open in London's Vaudeville theatre. Not surprisingly Hawthorne declines a ticket.

On opening night, Sunday Times critic Harriet Throsby gives the play a savage review, focusing particularly on the writing. The next morning she is found dead, stabbed in the heart with an ornamental dagger which, it turns out, belongs to Anthony and which has his finger prints all over it.

Anthony is arrested, charged with Throsby's murder, thrown into prison and interrogated. Alone and increasingly desperate, he realises only one man can help him. But will Hawthorne take his call?

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