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sculpture of a women reading book, by Carol Peace

Reproduced with the kind permission of sculptress Carol Peace


We're delighted to report that The Kent House Series has just completed a very successful sequence of monthly literary events featuring Daniel Finkelstein, Wendy Joseph, Anthony Horowitz, Theresa May, David Baddiel and

The Duchess of Rutland.


We'll be launching Series 2 later this Summer so scroll down to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and be first to hear which fascinating authors we'll be inviting to Knightsbridge from September onwards. 

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Series 1 Events


 Held 10th January 2024

Daniel Finkelstein

We were delighted to welcome so many people to this inaugural event. It was a fascinating and engaging evening. 


Held 10th April 2024

Theresa May

Huge thanks to Mrs May and Matt Stadlen for a fascinating interview. It was fast paced, absorbing and insightful.

Wendy Joseph

Held 21st February 2024

Wendy Joseph

It was a real privilege to welcome Her Honour Wendy Joseph KC for a hugely enjoyable, educational and thought-provoking evening.


Held on 8th May 2024

David Baddiel

The comedian, screenwriter, author and TV presenter discussed the status of antisemitism as a form of racism.


Held 13th March 2024

Anthony Horowitz

This proved to be a fascinating and high energy discussion of this brilliant crime novelist's work. 


Held on 12th June 2024

Duchess of Rutland

The very personable chatelaine of Belvoir castle  described her unexpected journey from farmer's daughter to duchess.

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